Audio Help

Hi, I have problems downloading the codec so that I can play the audio features of an online book for my homework. Every time, I try to download the codec, there appears an error in the open suse site.Can you help me troubleshoot this? The error that always appear is below.


Server said: Mysql::Error: Unknown column ‘fourcc’ in ‘where clause’: SELECT * FROM visitors WHERE (created_at > ‘2009-09-28 23:52:03’ AND ip_address = ‘’ AND fourcc IN (‘decoder-audio/x-qdm2, samplesize=(int)16’)) LIMIT 1

Can you tell us what application you are using to display/play the online book? Can you tell us what audio codec this electronic publication is using?

Typically with openSUSE Linux, one’s audio codecs can be obtained by installing from the Packman repository libffmpeg0, which will pick up many codecs via other dependencies being solved. The codec package w32codec-all also will provide some more codecs that may not be picked up by libffmpeg0. Other codecs one can install are libquicktime0 and libxvidcore4.

But unless you are specific to the codec, this is just a shot in the dark.

I note this is your first post - I assume you are not running MS-Windows, and you are not running an application under “Linux wine” and this is a Linux application under openSUSE you are using?.