Audio for KDE 3 applications under KDE 4?

I have audio working fine with 11.1/KDE 4. I’d like to run a couple of KDE 3 applications that use audio, but I can’t get any KDE 3 application to generate audio. For example, in “Configure Notifications” for /opt/kde3/bin/konsole, trying to do “Play” for any notification sound gives no output. Is it possible to get sound with KDE 3 programs?

It certainly is as I run Kaffeine under KDE4.

Did you have to do anything special to get it working?

Nothing at all; however, something, possibly in KDE4, occasionally sets the audio to mute. I haven’t been able to identify what it is. So, whenever I get no sound, I simply check the mixer now and find the master is on mute.

I had downloaded all the codecs for Kaffeine before I installed KDE4.

I was able to resolve this by installing arts, kdelibs3-arts, and kdemultimedia3-arts. I’m guessing I didn’t have those since I did a clean install rather than an upgrade.