audio error message

When I booted up my newly built system into 11.1, the following error message was displayed:

My audio seems to be working. The audio is on-board and is Realtek ALC889A codec.

I also noticed while digging around in my settings that OpenSuse is reading my Motherboard as a Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS5. It is, in fact, a Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3. Is there any way I can get it to correctly identify my motherboard?

Oh. One other thing. Does anyone know how to get the Windows button working?


You can go into Configure Desktop, Sound, and manually switch all the settings to default.

Or go into Yast and install phonon-xine-backend.

Either of the two will remedy the error.

Why will that work?

It seems to me to be a hardware/driver issue.

Did you try it?

It works for me on 3 machines.

I don’t know why but it has worked for me since openSUSE 11.0.

Try it or don’t, it is merely advice. :?