Audio device autodelete

After every reboot I have a message of my soundcard being deleted from devices list though I didn’t delete it, so it needs to delete it and reconfigure, then it works fine again, but after restart it still says that the soundcard has been deleted.

Can you post a screen print of this error ? (you could host it on imagebam and link here). What openSUSE version? What desktop ? KDE4? Gnome?

OpenSUSE 11.2, KDE 4.3.3. Oh, and just now it’s all okay, everything started fine with no errors after two reboots, looks like you scared the problem off by asking a screenshot it would be ashamed of. >:)
Anyway, my KDE is tricky - sometimes it shows logon screen (but I have auto-authentification).

Hmmm … thats strange. How is your hard drive space? Hopefully no massive log files in /var/log taking up all your PC’s available hard drive space?

Was this a clean install (including clean /home) or does it trace back to some earlier less mature version of KDE4 ?

In theory it could also be caused by the PCI number changing on the device after each complete powerdown - I remember some LAN cards that had this issue (mainly motherboard integrated nVidias).

My install was clear new 11.2, /var/log directory is about 6mb. But two days ago I’ve changed CPU from intel celeron 2GHz to intel pentium 4 2.8 GHz, anyway there were no problems in last two days with the soundcard but I got logon screen randomly even before that.