Audio Converter

Whats the best kind of Audio converter to use and how do i use it… i want to basicly be able to lower bit rate and if i can convert from WMA or others to MP3… if any one has any help… it would be greatly appreciated…

jripper (in packman) will rip audio

can’t say about wma. Never use it (M$ rubbish)

ffmpeg - but it’s CLI no UI

audiokonverter can be found in packman repo


i’ve never used Audio Converter… how does one use it?

right-click the file you want to convert,select actions from the menu,then convert & it will give you a list of what it can be converted to,e.g. mp3 m4u,ogg,wma etc. just select the one you want & a window will open & ask you a few questions & give you options on changing bit-rate etc Screenshot


As already posted use Audiokonverter - it is a brilliant tool and I would be lost without it.

Audioconverter can not convert amr ( mobile phone sounds) to wav.
Is there a linux solution for this ?

Sorry for reviving this old topic but, is there a multithreaded GUI audio converter ?

On Windows i used to use DBPowerAMP.

I’m dumb
What’s multithreaded?

There’s a small feature-rich converter that works on Linux: Mobile Media Converter

Another neat application for this is “pacpl” (Pearl Audio Converter)]( This is also packaged by Packman packagers.

Multithreaded as in using more than 1 CPU core for converting the files.

Thanks for the suggestions !

Hi, I use Convert-tune. It converts from and to different formats easily. :wink:

Another good choice is BonkEnc;), it’s better than Audiokonverter but runs under wine

I know its an old thread but I thought it better to keep the recommendations together.
Switch is fantastic Audio Sound File Converter Software. Convert wav, mp3, dvd, midi, dvf etc.
It works under wine and they even mention that on their site! Using the Wine Emulator with NCH SOftware

It is a little disappointing that the native applications don’t appear to be so rich.

Not so rich ? I don’t agree here. Perhaps you can explain this more ?

Switch is a commercial package.

Given various Linux specific open source free packages work well, I myself would not recommend going for a commercial package to run under wine.

I should have been more explicit. I meant the client user interface.
It took me a while to work out how to use audiokonverter as there was nothing in the kickoff menu and nothing started from konsole.
When I went to the pacpl website I realised that it might be in the context menu, which I didn’t see before as I use Krusader.
pacpl-kommander interface failed to start.
pacpl from Dolphin failed to convert my sample mp3 to ogg.
Mobile Media Converter looks nice but doesn’t seem to convert to ogg.

Switch reverts to a free version after a period of the full version.
Although you could delete the .wine directory and reinstall to get around that :wink:

Switch is also quite nice in that it downloads required codecs on the fly.

PACPL works incredibly easy for me with a superb interface.

If I see a sound file that I want to convert, I simply right click on it with Konqueror or Dolphin, select ‘action’ > PACPL convert, and I’m given a massive choice of formats to convert to. I select the one I want, and it converts. Its very easy. It works well. And it is FREE open source per the GPL. No spyware. No wine needed.

I recommend PACPL.

Edit: … and it (PACPL) works FINE to convert mp3 to ogg. I just tested it. Fast - quick - good quality. Its excellent.

When using KDE, one should have a look at →soundKonverter. It supports a plethora of different codecs and options (ripping CDs is also supported) - one nice feature is that one can choose between a simple interface with the most basic options and a more advanced interface with all features available. One can also save different profiles for various bitrates etc., so reconfiguration of the settings is not needed. sK also supports multithreaded en- / decoding. One can even choose the exact backend for each codec.

The KDE4-version is still considered a “release candidate”, but I never ran into any bugs with it, it runs just fine. The developer of sK has set up a repo for openSUSE, for example for 11.3:

In short: highly recommended.

I purchased Soundtaxi recently - this program It can convert almost any given multimedia files to a huge variety of media formats that are suitable for playback on DVD and portable players, mobile phones and so on. It is very easy to use and works perfect. And there is good discount now. You can try it too.