Audio CD program options

I’m trying to get smplayer to be an option when I insert an audio CD, but can’t seem to get it to work. I’m using KDE 3.5.x, and go into Settings>peripherals>storage media, but can’t seem to find a command that works. Any ideas?

Also somewhat related: when I add an item under the settings>peripherals>storage media option, it shows up when first inserting the disk, but then doesn’t show up as an option when clicking the “Storage Media” icon. (Only the default ones like amarok and kaffine show up.)

Thank you!

Have you tried right click of the disc/media icon on the desktop - Properties - click the Spanner icon
The next box should show a list - you can add and move apps up and down

I can’t test this myself - just from memory

I actually don’t have a disc/media icon on the desktop. (I removed it ages ago and use the panel applet instead.) Does anyone know how to get this desktop icon back so I can try this out?

control centre - or I think right click desktop - configure desktop

then look for device icons
check to display - and there is a long list
you can uncheck any in the list if you don’t want them showing

I’m fairly sure you can also set default actions in the control centre too

Thank you for the suggestions, but as I stated in my original post I am already able to add applications to the “autoplay” list in the control centre. The problem is that I cannot find the correct command to play an audio CD using smplayer.

Does anybody know the correct command-line syntax to play an audio cd with smplayer?