Audio cd import

Dear All,
I try to import cds on my hd, with banshee or jripper. Both can’t recognize the metadatas of the tracks (album,tracks,autor names).
Is it something additional I should install ?
Many thanks in advance

I use k3b mostly but also jripper and both work well for me.

Do you have these:](
Well, you may not have the kde4 one it’s from Factory.

Effectively, k3b does it. Sound juicer as well.
Sorry I cant read the picture you added.
I installed cddb application available as a python and a perl.Unsuccessfully.
Thank you

If you click the picture - It’s quite clear?!

oups …
Yes it’s ok. I have these items running too. I got jripper functionning as well but banshee still seaks in lopp, endless, metadada searching on the cd …
I tried already to open a thread on banshee forum but after a week, have no answer.
I will try rythmbox as music manager.
Thank you for Your support