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I occasionally want to record audio. Sometimes I rip a CD. Sometimes I want to record something I hear on my pc. For example, I may be in a 90 minute Zoom meeting but don’t want to record the whole thing. I suppose if I use the record button in Zoom, I could strip out the 5 minutes I want to keep. If I rip one of my CDs, I want to convert to .mp3 all of which I formerly did with Audacity. Now that there is controversy with Audacity, I want to use something else. Clementine was not completely satisfactory. What other replacement do you recommend?

Also, I KNOW I shouldn’t mix issues, but gtkpod isn’t working with my ipod, to either record or delete audio files. It SAYS the new audio is on the ipod but there is no content in the files. Is there one app that would cover all of these requirements. BTW, I loaded iTunes into Windows and the iPod works as expected.

If I rip one of my CDs, I want to convert to .mp3 all of which I formerly did with Audacity


vokoscreenNG for a screen-capture

So much Programms…

Hi Prexi,

There’s quite a lot of suitable programs to record, rip a CD and encode mp3. Easiest for ripping might be K3B if you are on KDE. It relies on other programs as lame etc.

I just did a simple

zypper se record

which shows some desktop recorders as “recorditnow” or “recordmydesktop”. Not sure if they are any good.

But… Malcolm posted this mailing list in the related Audacity thread:

Apparently the version in openSUSE is not affected, if I got it right.

Thank you. So many options popped up! It will take me awhile to check them out.

You are right! So many programs to check out!

Audacity/its replacement will record anything external and allow you to edit it and encode it; but you need something like vokoscreen to record sound from the computer itself and you might find pulseaudio useful for limiting the sound which vokoscreen picks up.

K3b will do all the ripping/writing you ever need.

vokoscreen seems very comprehensive. I will work with it to understand all the options.

FWIW, recordmydesktop worked very well here.

Its a little clumsy,but I’ve recorded the screen as an mp3. It works. Also convert the video (mkv? or something) to mp3. Also gets the job done. I’m still looking into the other suggestions, thank you.

You can also record your desktop and sound with OBS:

Audio Recorder, it has an option which source you want to record from.
There is an option to record the sound in different formats.
Very simple to use.

Pardon a basic question. This is a gnome program. I use kde. Is it compatible?

This is a very comprehensive program. I will experiment with it, although my needs aren’t so sophisticated. Thanks.

Yes. you can use it.
For example, here I am using xfce but I am using okular.
I am also using kwin.

Yes it has a lot of features and as far as I know most of professional streamers use it. It’s probably not the easiest app to use but it definatelly works well and is well maintained. Bonus points for being opensource :slight_smile: