Audigy 2 ZS Equalizer 64bit Suse

No biggie, just wondering really.
I’m not sure if it was just a software thing (given the frequencies allowed, I’m assuming the card has a hardware equalizer function) but in WinXP, there was graphic equalizer which came in handy.
The only reason I miss it, is because my speakers are a little bit midrange light, so I could boost a few decibels in the 1 and 2k range to fix it. My headphones on the other hand, needed a pretty heavy boost in the bottom end and a little in the high end.

Therefore, I had 2 profiles easily accessible, one for listening on cans and the other on the speakers. I’ve been unable to locate a similar tool (I’ve searched specifically for Audigy 2 ZS, as I’m currently thinking along the lines of it being a hardware function).

Any advice appreciated.