I have a large collection of records which I’m putting on my computer and compact discs using Windows. I also use Spin-It-Again in Linux running under WINE. What I would like to know is how to take the hum and turntable noise out with Audacity in Linux. I can get the clicks and pops out fairly well but I’m not sure about the 60cycle hum. The hum isn’t that loud but I would like to know how to remove it.

One more question. What is a good program to use for splitting the WAV files. I know about wavbreaker but the last time I used it I had lots of problems with it.


For the second question, you can split wave files in Audacity using labels (Ctrl+b) and “File->Export multiple”. More detailed explanations are available by googling. Try to split the files in an area of silence and then edit to fade out to the break or to fade into the music. You’ll probably need to rename the files once they’re split.

Audacity’s noise removal effect is reasonable, just don’t expect it to be perfect. The best thing for hum is to not record it. That’s from experience working with high end equipment and software and from many hours chasing ground loops, transformer hums, flourescent light buzzes and recording single coil guitar pickups. Sometimes what’s annoying hum to you now is not noticed at all later.

Audacity’s wiki has a lot of good information. Check:

Noise Removal - Audacity Wiki


Transferring tapes and records to computer or CD - Audacity Wiki

Thanks for the help. I think that will help me get it figured out.