Audacity project, fade out problem

I’m trying to extract sounds from a few Battlestar Galectica(original) videos from Youtube. I can’t find the sounds effects online. I’m able to get to wav file the right length, but the fade out isn’t working. I’m still getting an sudden stop at the end. The sound effect is about 8/10 of a second. I’m baffled at what’s causing the problem. The waveform is fading out. It’s doesn’t make sense.

Also, where do I download the manual? I can’t figure out where to download it. So, the help menu loads it.

Don’t know about Audacity. I’ve always used Mencoder to separate wav from media. If you’re looking for BattleStar sound clips try Royalty Free Music, Free Sound Effects, Free Royalty Free Music Loops which should have royality free sound bites.