Audacity no support mp3 !!!

On suse 11.1 , I istalled lame but Audacity no support mp3.
I have not this problem in suse
9.3 10.0 10.3:(
help me please.

What happens when you try to save a file as a mp3?

With previous versions of opensuse - I had to point audacity to the liblame file (in the usr folder) but with 11.1 it just worked for me.

Are you using the version of audacity that comes with opensuse or the packman version at:-

PackMan :: Package details for audacity

I had the same problem. I uninstalled Audacity and the explicitly chose the packman repository to reinstall it again (don’t search for AUdacity in the software management, but select Repositories instead of Search and then scroll to audacity). Then it worked.

Agreed with the previous solution:

Total installation as follows:
Install ffmpeg
Install lame
Uninstall audacity from openSUSE repo-update (or any openSUSE repository)
Reinstall audacity and plugins from Packman repository

works fine.