Audacious Packman Problem

Audacious in packman repo doesn’t work.
After installing audacious-plugins it works.
I guess audacious-plugins is required to work audacious.
This problem exist since 2010 or something.:slight_smile:
Since I dont know to use mail-list or something, i post it here.

Best place then to report it is here;

Or just send an email to:

Or jump on IRC #packman

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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I’m running a fresh openSUSE 12.2 x64 install, and Audacious is also not working.
Screenshot of error -](

I’m using version 3.1.1-2.30 from Packman repo.

Looking at the Packman page for Audacious it seems the 2.1 repo has a newer version ( version 3.2.4-1.1) than 12.2 (3.1.1-2.30)

A new version of Audacious has just been added to the Factory repo, so I hope it eventually comes down into the 12.2 repo or the 12.1 version of Audacious enters the 12.2 repo too.

i told that it will work after installing audacious-plugins.
that is why i opened this thread.

I tried that with my last opensuse install, but audacious still wouldn’t load.

But today I did a fresh install, and installed audacous-plugins while installing audacious and it now runs and also thankfully uses the QT interface not GTK3.