Audacious MP3 Playback Not Working?

Hi all,

Very recently I have come across an issue with Audacious 3.4.2 where it will not even bring mp3 files into the playlist (much less play them. The kind of ironic thing is that all the music I have as wav and wma comes in and plays fine). I usually use Audacious because it has always proved to be a reliable and fast music player (unlike some I have tried). I’m sure that everything was working only a few days ago, and yes other players have no issue playing mp3 files (XMMS and MPlayer work fine). Is anyone else experiencing this?


MP3s work fine with Audacious 3.4 here.

Do you have “audacious-plugins-extra” installed?

Yes, I do. Like I said it will no longer import mp3 files or play them…which its really odd. Maybe it is a lib aliasing issue? I did update a number of gstreamer and other multimedia libs.

Audacious doesn’t use gstreamer at all.
For MP3 playback it uses mpg123 or ffmpeg.

Can you please post your repo list?

zypper lr -d

Which audacious packages do you actually have installed?

rpm -qa audacious*

Let’s check that audacious-plugins-extra is correctly installed: (i.e. no files got deleted or similar)

rpm -V audacious-plugins-extra

(no output means that it is fine)

libvpx1 was updated to a newer version in Packman a while ago. But this update may not be installed automatically because of the vendor change.
Still having the old one from OSS can lead to problems regarding multimedia, but I don’t know if this would affect Audacious’s ability to play MP3s.
Let’s check this as well though:

rpm -qi libvpx1