Attn: Release Style Poll

Release Style Preferences

There’s been some discussion about Release schduling on the openSUSE project mail list.

It would be useful if you took a minute to vote, so parts of the discussion had some facts to go on, rather than speculation about real user wishes.

The poll section is rather tucked away and hard to find, but the sample size needs to be as large as possible, so I hope you will indulge 1 off topic post in this section.

bump Thanks for those who have voted, it’s rather interested, though seem to get many more views than votes for some reason.

No need to bump they will vote if they feel like it :wink:

OK, I won’t again. It was just with several pages of new thread each day since 11.1 came out, that a non question thread can get lost.

Trying to get a reasonable sample size.