Attempting to edit a film

I have downloaded a film from a commercial TV station for my own use and want to edit out all the advertising breaks. I have tried Cinelerra but I cannot find a means of deleting selected frames, I also looked at trying to use Kdenlive but cannot find a way of loading the complete film to work on so unable to tell whether it might be useful.
Any help or pointers on how I might achieve my objective would be most welcome.


I think avidemux is quite easy to use for cutting / joining parts of a video file.

It’s in the packman repo IIRC.


What format/codec is the video and audio in?

If it is a nominal mpeg transport stream format, you could look also at dvbcut which is packaged by Packman packagers for openSUSE.

Avidemux or Openshot are easier to use, but when you try to load the video, make sure to note what errors occur to determine if the video needs to be ripped/encoded to another format. Since you downloaded it, it will most likely be mpeg or avi.

Easier to use than what application ? Definitely easier than Cinelerra … but I would say avidemux is more complex to use than many other applications.

Many thanks for the replies, I have been busy with other things so have not had a chance to check out yet.


A bit late only just started using SUSE but I have had very good results from DVBCUT with mpg video.

Another suggestion is ProjectX. Can be found from the Packman repo. Its simple and fast.

I agree with the DVBCUT assessment. It has to be about the simplist GUI I have seen for this task, and it works great.