Atl1.ko on boot

I compiled the driver and copyed it to /lib/modules/KernelVersion-Default/source/net and I insmod atl1e.ko
and My network card started working, I then used depmod -a and it finished with no output and then modprobe atl1 and it returned as well with no output, but I restart the computer and it dosent work I got to go in and INS mod again, whats the best way to keep the driver loaded?

I did a pretty standard install of suse do I need to put my files for drivers in the pae or defualt kernel folder, and whats the difference?

Edit: In order to get the network card again to work it appears Network settings on the last step of detecting devices it seems to make the network work again, and also Insmod the .ko file does that as well.

openSUSE Load module on boot - Google Search

I just went in and did

vi /etc/init.d/boot.local

and added

insmod lib/modules/KernelVersion-pae/source/net/atl1.ko

it fixed my issue =D

The other solution with /etc/sysconfig/kernel is preferable.

(But somebody too lazy to use Google is of course also too lazy to read the first hit completely…)

Thankyou for the Encouragment, I did read the first post and it failed to load the driver for what ever reason, And I am unsure why, and I was creative enough to create my own soultion.