ATI RV730/HD4670, X58 Core i7 and opensuse11.1 does not work

I have tried to install the ati catalyst driver on a new x58 board (from gigabyte) with a Radeon HD4670 card. I took the driver from from the repository. It installs fine.
After restart sax2 fails to start the xserver.
The screen wents black in the upper half and is pretty much completely corrupted in the lower half.
I checked /var/log/Xorg.0.log for hints and didn’t find anything. Several web search didn’t yield anything as well.

I would greatly appreciate any help on this issue. In particular was anyone successful using a HD4670 card with an x58 board?

Thanks in advance!

The problem is solved. After installing the kernel


provided by the repository the driver could be convinced to work. It should be stressed that other small issues (like the 32bit/64bit driverlib tangle) were encountered during installation but these were well documented on the web.

Okay I’ve mangled this up several times but in order to get this thing to work I’ve installed the standard kernel and ignored the ati repository. then select the Catalyst 9.5 bundle and build the AMD64 package “even though others told me it would not work with the I7 board”? run the sh and build the rpm ; Yast will install the package run the aticonfig --initial --input=etc/X11/xorg.conf. now the important part run Sax2 -r -m0=fglrx; others say don’t use sax if you use the ati repositories and the alternate kernel and this is true…But when loading as module Sax works great! One final note the default resolution was not supported so my monitor would go blank during boot I had to first boot with a VGA cable then open Sax2 and change to proper resolution 1080p save without testing then reboot with HDMI cable and WHAM everything worked fine. I’m getting a respectful 6700 Fps although this 1000w power supply squeals a little. Hope this helps someone I’m running the Radeon 4870x2 on a X58 I7 board. I could never get 3D working the other way and it would randomly crash.

I m also getting a blank screen and some flashes at the startup after installing ATI driver from opensuse repository with YAST.

Any one is there to help …