ATI Radeon X1650 3D?

August 2008 I downloaded openSUSE 11.0, hopefuly my ATI Radeon X1650 would work with 3D acceleration, but it didn’t. Then I tried Ubuntu 8.06, and it wouldn’t work too.

So a few weeks ago i tried the new Ubuntu 8.10 and there I’ve been asked wether I want to install some ATI drivers, and then it worked.

Now i want try openSUE 11.1 (well 11.0 then update to 11.1) wether it works now.

Do you now wether the ATI driver packages work with the ATI Radeon X1650 Pro (3D Acc a.s.o) ?

My System:
Motherboard: QDI KinetiZ 7B
Processor: AMD Athlon Thunderbird ~1.3Ghz
RAM: 1024MB PC133 SD RAM
Videocard: ATI Radeon X1650 Pro (512 MB, P/V-Shader 3.0)

Sorry for bad english but i’m german :wink:


My experience with several ATI cards on 32-bit and 64-bit is that the ‘official’ method on ATI Installer HOWTO for SUSE/Novell users and ATI - openSUSE (one-click) doesn’t work… so I use the official ATI drivers, and that always works !

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Might help though if on a 32 bit system skip the renaming of the 32 bit file and sym link steps.