ATi Radeon HD3450 driver problem

On my openSUSE 11.0/KDE 3.5 system I installed the ATi driver from the ATI Repository to get a PNY Radeon HD3450 PCIe graphic card working. However, this driver made Google Earth hang on start and consequently crashed the whole KDE session. Repeatedly & version independent.


  • go to AMD/ATi website (Video Cards | Graphics Cards | ATI Products and Technology), find your graphic card, and download the Catalyst Linux Edition for it;
  • also download the Linux Installer Note and R-E-A-D I-T F-I-R-S-T !! :P;
  • uninstall any installed ATi driver using YaST Software Management;
  • EITHER: make a neat openSUSE RPM package and install that using YaST Software Management (need to add a Local Directory in the Repository Manager first, of course);
  • OR: install the ATi driver using the built-in installer;
  • finally reboot your computer (sorry for this Windoze ending, but the kernel module needs to be loaded to make the driver work).

Finishing touch:

  • add an entry for Catalyst Control Center to your KDE Menu, using kmenuedit (the command for Catalyst Control Center is amdcccle, and an icon can be found under ‘Others’)


  • suddenly graphics run much smoother & nicer;
  • Catalyst Control Center enables easy configuration;
  • Google Earth works!