ATI Radeon 1600 in Suse 11.1


I have upgraded from Opensuse 11.0 to Opensuse 11.1

It seems that after each upgrade, it is necessary to install the ATI graphics card driver again. (Is that right?)

However, I see no notice about the procedure here:
ATI - openSUSE

Is there a new way since Opensuse 11.1, or do I need to follow the way for Opensuse 11.0?

Is theer anyone who has tried it before?

I think ATI drivers are not available yet. So you will need to visit ATI and download the correct driver and follow the manual install
ATI - openSUSE

How do you know which ATi drivers goes with which version of Suse? It doesn’t seem to list distro releases, just Xorg compatible versions…

Just download the correct driver for your card from ati’s site and then run the install. It is not version dependent.
After the compile/install, run aticonfig --initial from a command line and then sax2 to configure the card.