ATI Proprietary Drivers - Last attempt

I am trying for the last time to get the propretary ATI drivers working on my (brother’s) Dell Latitude D531. This laptop uses ATI’s integrated Mobility Radeon X1250 chipset (RS690). I downloaded the 9.3 driver from ATI; 9.3 is the last release to support this chipset, which is now considered “legacy” and is not supported by newer releases. ATI Catalyst™ Proprietary Display Driver

However, I paused at this point to post here because of a version mismatch; openSUSE 11.2 (which I am running) uses X.Org X Server 1.6.5. The latest Xorg version supported by the ATI driver is 7.4.

Is this a show stopper? I am hesitant to mess up my system by using a incompatible driver?

If this is the case, I may have to settle for an older Ubuntu release; probably 8.04 (LTS); it still uses the older Xorg and will be supported long enough for this machine to wear itself out and require replacement… I hope…

Any ideas? Anyone else using this chipset?

I should note that the machine is working fine out of the box (though I needed to run b43fwcutter to get wireless), just no 3D support.

If you’re talking 11.2, I would not do that. The latest ATI (9.10) installer doesn’t even work for 11.2 on supported cards (let alone those not listed). It has to be hacked to allow it to generate the proper RPM.

If you’re getting the resolution you need, but just not 3D, I’d settle for that, but I am not a graphics card expert dude, so maybe I’m just too “chicken”.

> Anyone else using this chipset?

a quick trip to
will show about a zillion previous posts in these fora in which the
term “ATI” is in the subject line…and, i can tell ya that very very
few of those posts are explaining how wonderful the ATI drivers are…

so, i’d say map out a return to what you have strategy–before you
proceed (no, i don’t know how to keep the old driver/config files and
put them back…but a full system backup would do that…)


I am using the same chipset on a x1270 i do not have 3d support yet, however the driver is listed as fglrx and the vendor is ati and 11.2 loaded these automatically for me,
now before i went to 11.2 11.0 loaded all of the drivers and 3d support automatically but i could not run an update, only a new install.

there is a way to get 3d support but i have not got that far if you have some patients it can be fixed. for me that is the fun of linux. also go into software management and search the repositories make sure the ati drivers listed match with the same # at the end there should be 2 one towards the top and the other should be the x driver at the bottom (go1, or g02) then post what you have listed and go from there. it will take some time but it is worth the effort.

Seems like many ATi Radeon users having graphics problem in OpenSuSe 11.2 including me. I resolved my issue with help from caf who sent me useful link.

Please refer this link containing tutorial which probabbly will solve your issue > Radeon - openSUSE

I am having ThinkPad T60 with Radeon x1300 graphics.


What’s worse is that the 9.3 version of fglrx does not support any kernel after 2.6.27 (I think). It certainly does not support kernel 2.6.31 included in 11.2

Depending on what chipset you’re using, you should be able to get at least some 3D support from the open source driver, which is in active development and getting better every day.

If this is the case, I may have to settle for an older Ubuntu release; probably 8.04 (LTS); it still uses the older Xorg and will be supported long enough for this machine to wear itself out and require replacement… I hope…

You could do that, or install 11.1 or whatever, but eventually you’re going to be stuck without a proprietary driver. After facing a similar decision (I have an x800), I decided to stick with 11.2 (since it otherwise is a lot better for me than 11.1 was), and have been fooling around with the open source driver. IMHO, for my chipset, the open source driver is significantly better than fglrx in every way except SLDL/openGL 2.0 and VRAM management, and there are a bunch of developers actively working on improving that. It’s a lot more stable for me than fglrx under 11.1 was.

I am having a same problem and I may tell you, it’s not worth downgrading distro to be able to run 3D (been there, done that).

However I hate the ATI move to drop support for not top-notch cards, if they make it better for furture releases, it’s OK.

I am using open driver now, no 3D, just gave up… anyways, you will actually realise that you don’t need that 3D **** at all.