ATI/Nvidia graphic cards

I love to see whow have the most ATI or Nvidia graphic cards?

Thank you for your Surveys/poll :wink:

2 ATI cards

3 Nvidia cards


have always had nVidia. running two 7800 GTXs in SLi :slight_smile:

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WTF is this? I was not aware there was any huge problem with people editing their posts unscrupulously in order to commit fraud against others. Seems like a solution in search of a problem to me.

I forgot was I was going to say now. >:(

This isnt the place bud :wink:

make a suggestion :expressionless:

When you want to count “the most” it is not enough to have only one choice for one card.

I have two Nvidia’s here.

nvidia geforce 4 go

6 machines, all with nvidia (2 off-board). Retired the last two onboard ATIs this week. In my personal experience nvidia works better with linux.

I’ve got older nvidia cards and I just can’t get them to run right under 11.1 >:(

Lady`s & Gentlemen let poll,I know there is more or less ATI/Nvidiarotfl!

An off-board machine died, had to reactivate one of the on-board ATI intels and installed 11.1. OMG! I hope someday I’ll come across an easy ATI proprietary driver install. It has yet to be.

2 NVIDIA’s (8800GT and 9600M GT)
2 ATI’s (Radeon 3200… intergrated on the motherboard and an Ati Mobility Radeon HD2600)

Coincidently all the NVIDIA’s are coupled with Intel Processors and all the ATI/AMD cards are coupled with AMD’s.
The SIS is coupled with an AMD processor as well.

1 nvidia on desktop, 1 ati on laptop.

since loading my laptop with opensuse I have never had a single problem with the ATI driver in it.

I’m still using an ATI card on Linux but when I buy a new computer I’ll certainly go for an NVIDIA card because of my bad experience and the bad performance with ATI cards on Linux.

I sold last week my second laptop (n-vidia)…but most of the computers i had, they worked with a n-vidia graphic card…
I don t now if there is a really interlligent reason to prefer either n-vidia or ati…i think linux users should use the better supported hardware and this is individual…:wink:

I’ve been picking Nvidia ever since a rather unfortunate encounter with the ATI drivers a while back. Has that madness changed much? My NVidia drivers rock! The install (the hard install :wink: ) is pretty simple and the nvidia config tool is a godsend for anyone who dreads opening the xorg.conf file.:wink:

Yes I have a notebook HP Compaq 5015ca with Radeon Express 200M

I have an ATI and so far I’m disgusted with it. I had it “working” once, and it totally sucked. I thought it was my configuration – maybe it’s just the support/driver on Linux…

I got ATI 3450. It works fine for me.

I’ve always use ATI and I’ve had very little trouble out of them.