ATI mobility x1300 on Thinkpad T60 under OpenSUSE 12.2 freezing with pale screen

I was quite happy with default video driver under OpenSuse 11.4 and 12.1. After reinstall by use of OpenSuse 12.2 KDE live iso no issue with KDE session appeared until Firefox or Konqueror browsers were started. When browsers started under KDE session, after several sussesful displays of web pages, screen gets palish and system seems to be frozen (no reaction to keyboard and/or mouse actions).

When sign-on under ICEWM session, browsers can be used without issues as well as nxfree client displays remote KDE session OK.

Any recommendations appreciated,
Many thanks for your advices in advance,

Turning off “Hardware acceleration” may do the trick for Firefox

Thank you for your advice. I disabled Hardware acceleration in Firefox setting and now firefox in KDE seems to be stable.
Thank you very much for your help.

You are welcome.

few minutes after I sent my previous message confirming the fixed situation, my screen started a blinking seguence of changing single color screens and set of grey color grade palette screen. I think it is a proof of continuation of the driver issue even after disabling the hardware acceleration.

Can you advice some another change? Perhaps the KDE live iso used for installation has limited choice or setting of the video controller? Can the reinstalation by the use of full distribution iso or installation of 12.3 improve the situation? Or perhaps the stay at ICEWM session is a good solution? I do not need all beauties of plazma, ICEWM seems to be a good solution?

Many thanks for your time and help in advance,

I don’t think full installation will do you any good with respect to Video stuff.
If you want use icewm then i recommend that you do the following before using it as default iceWm on openSUSE is the light version. You should install additional packages worth few mb to get full functionality.

su -
zypper in icewm*

Also you might optionally check this page for iceWM configuration options like adding icons to panel etc…
opt for E17 on openSUSE
Fix your graphics drivers issue ( i have no idea as to how to do it :frowning: ) . . But this might help you