ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 driver opensuse12.1

hi there
would u plz tell me how to install the driver for my ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 i have been download the driver from the amd website but it does not work with me , i wish u explain to me how do i find missing packages if there necessary pages should be installed first cuz im new in opensuse world
my VGA
is ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650

The Radeon (opensource) driver works OK for most people and you do not need to load the ATI proprietary driver. However, if you want, there is a good write-up: SDB:ATI drivers - openSUSE

Install and run atiupgrade: ATI driver with atiupgrade

  • It will install the “missing packages”.

I too have a Radeon 5650 and I have just installed openSUSE 12.1. It works on install, but only in hi-performance mode, which devours the battery and runs very hot even when I’m placing modest demands on it. I found a website that tells me what commands will switch to the low-powered card, which is still plenty for KDE’s desktop effects:

Basically, there are 3 commands entered in terminal as superuser: Turn on the other card, switch to it, and turn off the hi-performance GPU.

What’s the easiest way to make this happen whenever I start up?



Nevermind; placed those 3 commands in boot.local (in /etc/rc.d/) and that seems to do the trick. -GEF

I’m with the same graphics card, but when I installed via atiupgrade SystemInfo shows “VESA: MADISON” for the graphics. Also with default settings in Catalyst control center, when I’m scrolling up/down in nautilus i get tearing of the picture.

I enabled TearFree, but it doesn’t really work well - when folders are in view(list-view mode) and I scroll, the picture starts to overlap, which clears when I move the mouse.

Also with TearFree enabled when switching windows sometimes the whole screen disappears for a couple of seconds, that is only the background image remains and no GNOME-3 environment is drawn(for just a couple of seconds), and then everything is redrawn again.

Overall I cannot notice any significant performance difference with this driver(IF it installed properly). I’m wondering if there is some other compatibility condition with the rest of the system that might be affecting this?

My hardware:
Laptop - Acer aspire 5740-G
Intel Core i3, 2.13 GHz
3 GB of RAM

What does the following command say?

# hwinfo --gfxcard