ATI HD3450 Frequency Problem

I have Opensuse 11.1 32bit using KDE, with an ATI HD3450 installed. after a million times trying to set the driver, it seems that its working. It freezes sometimes, but at least I don’t get the “blank screen” everyone talks about.

My problem is that every time i restart the computer I have to fix the frequency (I have to do it in the “CONFIGURE DESKTOP” menu) and it always shows the frequency at 25hz and I have to manually set it to 60hz. I read in another post that I had to edit xorg.conf manually, which I did, but I still have to change the frequency. This is getting very frustrating.

By the way, my resolution is 1080p using HDMI connection. I tried to look for “cccle” but it seems that the driver that I installed (created a propetary RPM from the driver I downloaded from the ATI’s site) did not install “cccle”

Anyone has an idea?:x::frowning:

The binary for the ATI config utility is admcccle.I do not remember if the rpm build creates that, as I generate the generic driver from the installer…

it is amdcccle and it worked.

Thank You