I just managed to make my graphics card running, but I´ve still got some problems… first: after every restart, resoulution is set to 16001280 or something like that and after I put it back to 12801024, it “kills” plasma (I´m using KDE4).
second: my PC freezes aprox. every 1 - 5 minutes. I´ve tried Ubuntu 8.04, managed to run 3D aceleration too, but with the same resolt… while I disable the desktop effects/compiz, this problem´s gone. anybodey knows what to do? thanks…

Hi col_boggy,
First question is have you installed the ATI drivers from the ATI repository, or are you still using “radeon”?

I have installed the one-click drivers, don´t know what kind of a driver it is :slight_smile:

Inštalácia grafických driverov ATI a nVidia v openSUSE 11.0 | SUSE Linux Portal

See the ATI driver writeup by djdoo at Packages, FAQ’s, and How-To’s - Compiz Community Forums. Be aware that life is somewhat simpler in SuSE 11.0, as compared to 10.x; folks are still experimenting.

Losing KDE4 and getting in KDE3 would help overall system stability.