ATI HD2400 Pro

Can anyone say for sure if the above video card is going to work tickerty boo in openSUSE 11 when it is released?


From what I have read, the HD driver (open source) is not fully 3D operational yet. I think that it will work with the proprietary driver though…


Thanks, the proprietary driver will do just fine. I am not a vegeterian either.

The excitement is getting to me, roll on next wednesday or whatever! :cool:

As noted, there does appear to be a proprietary Linux driver for your ATI HD2400 Pro for xorg-7.3:
ATI Catalyst™ 8.5 Proprietary Linux x86 Display Driver

If you manage to be successful, and if you get your ATI HD2400 Pro working with openSuSE, could you possibly update the openSUSE Hardware Compatibility List for your device?
HCL/ATI Video Cards - openSUSE

Hopefully the proprietary ATI driver will work.

Thank you for participating in our forum.

Good luck.

Thanks, I just tried the rc2 kde live cd and my resolution of 1440*900 was fine but with no 3d support.

Actually I will download the gnome live cd now and actually install and see if I can get the 3d working.

If I do, then sure I will post it at that link you provided.


Well good news for ATI users… I hope!

openSuSE 11 RC2

Here are some more full size images…

3D seems to be working, screensavers seem fine, I activated desktop effects and got whited out, but I have had that before.

Looks promising though. :cool:

Exact same problem here, HD2300 same screen as above.

Cant live without 3d as its what i do. Im quite new to suse so have no idea if its possible.

Has anyone got it working with the catalyst driver on OS10.3?
The driver works ok with my card on ubuntu.

I have it working perfectly on Parsix with the same xorg although the kernel is slightly older.

I had it working on 11rc2 but it was very sluggish, like waves on the screen and it was no desktop effect :slight_smile:

So it is I think just a kernel issue. Thr driver is there ( thanks ATI ), it just needs to be welcomed into openSuSE which I think should not be long.

I am suprised this had not already be done. The driver has always been there.

Of course there could be some issue I am missing here.

Btw, 10.3, yes I have had it working.