ATi HD 4870- Which Driver under 13.2


I am installing 13.2 (From 12.3) this weekend, and replacing my failed video card with a HD4870 I have in a box (& also taking advantage and upgrading to a 120GB SSD I received for xmas). Reading through the forum, I am still uncertain which driver to use for the video card. There is a sticky that says do not use proprietary drives, then a list of posts that say it is OK. I also stumbled upon some 1 click fglrx, with warnings to NOT use the proprietary and 1 clicks that suggest TO use the proprietary.
Any advice is appreciated.

Do not install the fglrx driver!
It doesn’t support your card, only HD5000 and higher.

Just use the open source “radeon” driver that’s included in the distribution and installed by default.
I have no idea about your specific card, but in general radeon should work quite well, even the OpenGL/3D support.

Thanks for the definitive answer. Sounds like it will be a easy install.