ATI graphic drivers support-is it bad?

Im thinking of getting a new machine-the only thing is a lot pc’s these days ship with ati cards rather than nvidia cards. ATI will work on windows ok but i seem to recall linux support for ati being somewhat non existent…since i will have a windows/opensuse dual boot on the machine should i stick with nvidia for the graphics card then?

My view is for a desktop I prefer nVidia and for a laptop I prefer ATI, for a litany of reasons which I could expound upon if wished. There are pros and cons for each, and there are strong opinions for and against each, dependent on who posts.

I have one Desktop (my wife’s) and one Laptop with integrated ATI-Chips and both running fine with opensuse 11.3 and ATI driver (fglrx).
On my own Desktop i use a Nvidia GTS 250 with Nvidia driver on opensuse 11.2 and the system is running perfect.
I think if you want to play on your Linux system buy Nvidia. For all other needs ATI is ok.

I briefly tried a recent model low end ATI card with OpenSUSE 11.2 and ATI’s driver in my desktop system. I found my old Nvidia card with Nvidia’s driver subjectively seemed better at 2D (cleaner window dragging/drawing). Nvidia’s software for dynamically configuring monitors also seemed more usable. I didn’t try the new ATI open source drivers - maybe they would have been better. I’m sticking with Nvidia for now.