ATI flrgx for Kernel

The recent kernel update to broke my ATI driver from the ATI repository.
Has anyone found a fix?
The ATI repository does not seem to have a new driver built yet (as of 3/9/09)

Basically the problem is the dri module has to be rebuilt because the kernel has changed.

So you can either grab the source rpm for the version you currently have installed or go to ati’s site and get the latest driver, I recommend getting the latest driver.

If using the source rpm install it, just rebuild it and install the resulting rpm.

If using the driver from ati then remove the current ati driver using zypper, yast or rpm whichever you prefer.

Next install the ati driver. you may have to chmod +x the bin file you downloaded to make it executable.

As you were already running the ati driver there should be no need to configure it in either installation method.

Also if you downloaded the latest ati driver I recommend reading the real;ease notes, especially the section that pertains to SuSe.