ATI fglrx (Radeon 4850) and 11.1 (64 bit)

I’ve got a brand new system with 2 Radeon 4850s for which I want to use the fglrx driver. The OpenSUSE network install works fine, and video turns up great on one of my cards (cloned on both monitors) The Sax setup tool says I’m not using the fglrx drivers, so I went to the ATI website, got the latest driver installer, built a suse 11.1 package with the installer and installed it, and now I get no video! I’ve tried several installation tactics, drawn from the opensuse wiki and forums, each of which produces slightly different (incorrect) effect. I’ve had it boot to a black screen, I’ve had it boot to a console because the driver didn’t recognize the card (Xorg logs showed the card “falling back on old probing method” and the probe turning up nothing)

My main question is, is there another place I should go for these drivers, are there known issues with 11.1 x86_64 and does anyone successfully have this card working?? I’m new to SUSE (from slackware) and I don’t want to have to switch to ubuntu!

run this command should help as root
rm /usr/lib/dri/ && ln -s /usr/lib64/dri/ /usr/lib/dri/

  • This is for 64-bit users as the Driver will fail to work as it will try to use the 32-bit DRI.

I had a similar problem on my Sapphire HD4850 when installing the opensuse 11.1 rpm created by the installer, and installing it with YaST. I un-installed it and ran the generic installation from the ATI installer. Everything is working great now. Even has Catalyst Control Center in my menu instead of having to start it from the command line.