ATI drivers may cause death :)


I have fresh install of openSUSE 12.1 fully updated and after driver (ATI HD6770) instalation system (with X) can’t boot.

I can go into failsafe console but if I try to startx system freeze I have to do hard reset. How can I fix it? Or should I just reinstall it?

I can’t find repo for 12.1 there’s only for 11.4 is it compatible?

The 11.4 repo is not to be used on 12.1 The versions have different kernels, so that won’t work.

Using startx as a user won’t work, do not try it as root for other reasons. How did you install the driver? Did you follow all the steps from the instructions used?

I found it in YAST. Yes, I’ve added some third party repos Packman as so. I had to reinstall the system, I would like to make it work on this attempt because I don’t think so that I am capable to fix it in the shell. So should I wait for 12.1 repo or try a luck with proprietary ?

Same problem as it this other thread, same answer:

Just replace 11.4 with 12.1 to use the 12.1 repo but it doesn’t matter for this script.