ATI drivers for multiple different ATI GPUs?

Hi i have a few different generations of ATI GPUs that i plan to use within the same system. The GPUs are HD 3000 (integrated), HD 4870, HD 5870 and HD 7970.

How do i install the drivers for them?

Are you planning to use all four adapters in the same system?

OSS drivers
HD 3000 (integrated), HD 4870, HD 5870

HD 7970

  • openSUSE has poor OSS driver support for it currently

Prop. drivers
HD 3000 (integrated), HD 4870

  • supported by the legacy catalsyt fglrx driver … legacy driver (because of xorg and kernel versioning) currently* can’t install on opensuse 12.3 … If I’m not mistaken, a new release is supposed to be out around the 31st.

HD 5870 and HD 7970

  • supported by the mainline catalyst/fglrx driver

OSS and Prop don’t mix (KMS vs. non-KMS)

I plan to use 3 of them within the same system. The combinations may be 4870s+ 5870s, IGP 3000+4870s, 7970+5870s. I tried installing the proper catalyst AMD drivers for a system with only the 7970HD but it couldnt boot openSUSE after. Currently i have an IGP 3000+7970 which doesnt work together in windows.

I would like to get the best performance possible for openCL and openGL so which drivers should i use? I might end up mixing the 7970 with some nvidia GPUs. The combinations depend on how many slots the motherboards have and the systems i have. Do i have to disable the IGP? I would prefer not to if it could be used with openCL. I do not intend to use crossfire/SLI.

Whats the best way than to install AMD drivers? Installing the proper drivers failed each time but i wouldnt mind the OSS driver if the hardware acceleration was good and that openCL can run on the device. I have 5 dedicated AMD GPUs in total (1 of them being a dual GPU) that i am using in 3 different systems.