ATI Driver x1400 Boots with Screen OFF

I am new to linux, and am having an issue fixing a problem I caused on my laptop (Dell Inspiron e1505). I was following this guide: ATI - openSUSE and after reboot I only get a black/off screen, even in ‘safe’.

How do I start into text mode to hopefully fix this? I tried escaping grub, modifying the safe boot option, adding ’ 3’ and booting that. However, the screen is also black.

Thanks in advance

I was able to get into text mode by

  1. hitting escape at the boot menu
  2. editing the safe boot option, added ’ 3’ to the end
  3. once hd was idle hitting ctrl-alt-f2 a few times

To follow up, my mistake was rather noobish, I didnt do the last step of the tutorial before rebooting:

init 3
SaX2 -r -m 0=fglrx

doing this as root in text mode solved the problem