ATI Driver issues

So, I installed the driver from ati for my computer.
The original driver worked ok for my laptop, but couldnt run the extern 27" that I have.

The install went fine. I followed the ATI instruction, but…

There is a lag in the refresh rate or something. When I move a window it gets blurry and hangs up. Also when I use the roller ball on the mouse the open windows just rolls by in a blur.

I had the same problem on fedora 9, but it seemed to go awoy after I restarted the computer a few times. That isnt the case on openSuse

ATI 2400HD
openSuse 11

any ideas?

I remember there being some problem with have two drivers or two display controllers.
Do I need to disable the fdlrx or something like that?
Do I need to change something in yast so it knows what to do?

this pretty much fixed it:
ATI - openSUSE

Still it is acting alittle strange with the dual monitors