ATI Driver help! Plz

Hey guys I just recently installed openSUSE and I like it alot, but when I wanted to install the fgrlx drivers for my ATI Radeon 4670 I ran into some problems. I followed the procedure at the top of the link below for my openSUSE 11.1, but after restarting x thing my screen went erratic and strange lines filled my screen. Im not sure if im doing this right so I hope some of you guys may help Link below and thank you

PS: im using 64bit, x86_64

ATI - openSUSE

BUMP plz help

Oh my gosh, another one. I’ll try to be short.

You messed up fgrlx drivers provided by are really “buggy”. You messed up your SaX2 config, and pretty much the only thing you can possibly do is hack SaX2 to rewrite a whole new config, which might not even work. Since you’re new, I would recommend reinstalling openSUSE and try to find linux-developed drivers for your ATI RADEON from

Here’s a short video on … What I did and really nothing worked.


I know you’re new, and that black screen probably scared the s*** out of you, but next time, search for a threat before posting, please.

Good luck.

Thanks for the info, i’ll figure out what I need to do. I didn’t know that they were really buggy(probably b/c im new, duh) but i’ll try and intsall the ati drivers from ati. Thanks again.

I have one more problem, im trying to install the drivers the hard way that was on the page provided, but once i got to step 3 and tried to install the rpm i get something asking for

the problem is that when in the software manager it says i have

libstdc++43 installed is there something else i need to get? thank you

You need the 32-bit versions of libc++; my Linux box is far, far away at the moment, so I can’t look anything up, but I think you need to install v33 in addition to v43, or at least search around for the 32-bit version on your installation disk.