ATI Dirver help?

I am considering installing opensuse 11.4 gnome 64bit. I’ve never used suse before and I have a question about ATI Catalyst.
If I download the latest driver from AMD Graphics Drivers & Software and build an RPM package for 11.4 with:

sh ./ --buildpkg SuSE/SUSE-autodetection

And install the package, will fglrx auto-rebuild upon any kernel update? I don’t want a kernel update to break the drivers.


My understanding is NO. It will not.

I can say that too as I’ve been using it for a long time. It will not touch your kernel packages.


My understanding is NO. It will not.[/QUOTE]

I thought I should clarify my post. No it will NOT auto-build upon a kernel update. A kernel update WILL break the drivers.

However rebuilding is easy.

Previous to Catalyst 11.1, you could have used modautocompile]( for this purpose. Since 11.1, the script /etc/rc.d/boot.fglrxrebuild, included in Catalyst, recompiles the module after a kernel update - at next boot and before X starts.

Thanks for the help.