ATI Crossfire returns Black Screen


I spent some time now to understand how to enable my ATI cards to work in crossfire mode on my SUSE 11.1 64bit

After some while I found out that the “1-click” method from ATI-HowTo returned black screen for me with no response from computer (except, “Ctrl+Alt+Del” seams to properly restart computer).

Than following manual installation I can get working my ATI HD4850 card properly. But when I enable the crossfire (using instructions from [Phoronix] ATI Radeon CrossFire On Linux]( I get the same black screen. No error do appear in Xorg log files, so I am stuck here… :frowning:

If I run Linux in run level 3 and disable the crossfire everything is working again :expressionless:

Can anyone help me with this? Maybe it is common glitch for new 8.7 ATI drivers ?

try to reset your resolution to a lower setting and see if that might help. this platform is a very high end gaming platform, and requires a lot of graphics capabilities.

check the crossfire website for the latest linux updates.also you can reinstall the os and accept the default settings to see if the system will configure automatically for you…

do a repost if this works.

AcuZobs adjusted his/her AFDB on Tuesday 04 Aug 2009 12:36 to write:

> Can anyone help me with this? Maybe it is common glitch for new 8.7 ATI
> drivers ?

I take it you meant “9.7” drivers?

How did you do the initial config after installing?

Did you use a previous xorg or run the aticonfig --initial command again.

IIRC if the aticonfig sees that you have already used it to change xorg.conf
then it will exit gracefully with no change made, however if it finds a
standard xorg.conf ( one from say the initial install ) that has not been
touched then it will edit it and configure it for your card.

If I have done anything to the ATI drivers or installed new ones I always
replace the existing xorg.conf with a plain standard xorg.conf before
running the aticonfig command.

There should be backup xorg`s in /etc/X11 from either the initial install or
from before you put the first ATI drivers on.

If not then before you try the aticonfig and if you want to make a clean
xorg, make a backup of your existing xorg,conf ( something like xorg-ati-
working.conf ) so that you can get it back easily, drop to runlevel 3,
login as root and run

sax2 -r -m 0=vesa

this should give you a standard one, then run the

aticonfig --initial

Then try

init 5

See if that makes any difference, it might not YMMV, if it does then use the
catalyst app to see if you can get crossfire working from there, obviously
if it all goes pear shaped you just need to copy back the working xorg to
get back to where you are now :slight_smile:


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