ATI, Compiz and Dual Monitors

Ahhh, I’m never happy…

A few months ago, I posted that I couldn’t get dual screens working (ATI HD3200 card)…now with 11.2, it does.

Now, I’m complaining that Compiz won’t work when my external monitor is attached. It works fine when it’s not, but does nothing when it is.

The only reason I want it working is to rub my wife’s nose in the fact that she’s got Windows - and I don’t.

Any thoughts?

You using KDE?
I say try Kwin instead, it works better in my opinion.

OK, I’ll give that a go…

…and it doesn’t work. Back to the problem of nothing happening with dual screens.

Have you turned off functionality checks in the KDE System Config? Also make sure Desktop Effects is turned on in the KDE System Config.

I’ll give it a go tomorrow - right now it’s bedtime. Thanks for the suggestions.

Just keep in mind ATI sucks, so if it never works dont be shocked.
ATI even sucks in windows.