ATI Catalyst 9.10 - Suspend

I successfully upgraded to the new ATI Catalyst 9.10 driver on my Radeon HD 4200 (AMD 785G chipset)desktop machine.
I downloaded and ran the installer from ATI website.

Suspend to RAM still seems to not work with this driver; any different results out there?

Also, FYI, the installer seems to modify xorg.conf on its own; I did not run aticonfig --initial, which resulted in on-screen fonts that were unusable on my large screen display. (Re)editing xorg.conf to force down the detected display size and all is well.

Did you create a package and install or did you have the install script install itself?

I haven’t really suspended the system but will test and see what happens.

Keep in mind I posted this item while running 11.1_x64.

I had the ATI install process install the driver, I did not create the .rpm package.

Suspend with fglrx has been broken for a while, the 9.10 release notes were fuzzy on the fix status. My read of the 9.9 release notes said it was broken and they knew it.

I am about to upgrade to 11.2, will see how the new and improved open source radeonhd driver performs.