ati catalyst 11.5 causing black screen opensuse 11.4 x64 hp pavillion amd64

I set the installer as executable and ran it, after reboot all i get is black screen with fuzziness across the bottom. i also had faliure with catalyst 11.4 and reinstalled like 5 times trying to work this out i am a newbie to linux especially opensuse so i havent got any idea how to fix this. i turned to opensuse as my touchpad does not fully work in ubuntu but Ati drivers were fine. I like the look of suse but this is becoming a real headache. can anyone help??

Can you please provide more information as to the EXACT video hardware on your HP Pavilion AMD64 ? ie if you can access a GUI (try failsafe settings if necessary) or if you can access a full screen text mode, login and type:

/sbin/lspci -nnk | grep VGA -A3

Please provide us the exact output. Note Linux is case sensitive. I am not 100% if one needs an uppercase ‘VGA’ in all cases, so if that yields no output try:

/sbin/lspci -nnk | grep vga -A3

Reference your attempt to install the Catalyst driver, take a look at post #8 here: Oldcpu’s way of installing ATI proprietary driver What I provided was specific to one user’s setup, so you need to modify it slightly to put the version of your openSUSE, and any rpms on your system, and your downloaded .run file so as to work on your PC.

i have ATI mobility radeon hd 5750 i can access using failsafe but and can get to full screen text mode using nomodeset and runlevel 3. thanks

Yes, I was wondering if the BSOD for ATI had an easy fix by now. I just had to reinstall and forgot that I had to be careful. I installed, then added repos (packman, ati) and did the updates and bam BSOD. I can’t remember if it’s a problem with xorg.conf or if it’s the order that you add things that matters…

11.4x64, ATI mobility raedon 5650 1GB, HP dv7t-4000 i7 8GB,

You did not provide the output that I requested. The line that I asked you send was:

/sbin/lspci -nnk | grep VGA -A3 

and if that failed to give an output try:

/sbin/lspci -nnk | grep vga -A3 

And then post the output here. Do you need help in understanding that request ?

I also stated this:

Did you try follow that ?

thanks for your help i appreciate it but after trying nearly all ive come across on these forums i got impatient and reinstalled linux mint (this was before your request) so at the minute i cant return those results sorry to waste your time, to be honest i need to get productive and haven’t got time to be playing around all day long, people like me need distros working straight out the box, maybe one day. let me know when there is a less time consuming solution and i might give it another shot thanx.

Enjoy your Linux Mint.