ATI/AMD fglrx on 12.1 : the hard way is so easy

Just a quick summary:

I am upgrading my HPDV7 laptop (HD3200 ATI Graphics) to 12.1.

I added the PTA Repo for 12.1
With YAST-Sofware Management, I installed atiupgrade ver 3.2.1-2.1 from the repo.
I rebooted to level 3, logged in as root.

Ran atiupgrade

Enjoyed a cup of coffee while atiupgrade did it’s thing.

Completed successfully.

From CLI, init 5

X started up, fglrx up and running (I got Catalyst version 12.1)

Thanks again, P_T_A for your continued support of this script.

PS: Since I had a lot of time to stare at the console, noticed a purely cosmetic “buglet”
In stage 3, Checking required Packages:
installed packages are reported to be “aready installed”, should be “already installed”

It’s not necessary to run atiupgrade in runlevel 3. It won’t work either if you don’t have a network connection at this point. It used to be the case on systems set up with Network Manager. I don’t know if it is still so, as I don’t use Network Manager under openSUSE at all. If it is necessary to deinstall the fglrx package (instead of updating) and unload the kernel module, atiupgrade will tell you to reboot in runlevel 3 and run the script again. It will then find the installer you previously downloaded and proceed with the installation without a network connection. In fact, it is rarely needed. When it’s done installing, you should exit and restart X.

Fixed! :wink: