ATI AIW 8500 Driver Problems


About 3 to 4 weeks ago I downloaded the entire DVD distribution, which was 10.3 at that point, and burned it onto a DVD. From it I have reinstalled the system perhaps about a dozen times trying to get my ATI All In Wonder 8500 card working. So I can watch TV on it but to no avail. I have read the sticky that is at the top of the Install forum and I have also gone through the ATI specific page that the sticky thread refers to Here. However, the TV still is not working. I need help!
Here is my info: My PC is a Dell 400SC, 2Gigs of Ram, P4 2.4 Dual Core CPU, and the ATI card is sitting in an AGP slot, just in case that makes any difference. I’m dedicating an entire disk to Linux, as I have three HDs in this PC. Please note that this is not the 8500DV card, but the full blown All In Wonder 8500 with 128 Megs of ram on the card.
According to ATI website Herethe latest driver for this card is 8.28.8. Ati has two RPMs for this driver, one for XFree and one for Xorg, and there is also an installer. I tried all three with the same result. My X windows no longer comes up and every time I boot my system it goes immediately in the console mode.

Does anyone have this card working in their system, that can help me? Or perhaps a reliable set of steps I can take to get it to work. I would really love to transition from Windows to Linux, and this is definitely holding me back. All I want to do is be able to watch TV through the tuner that this card has. So if I can do that through some other driver I’d love to hear about it as well.

Thanks in advance and let me know if I left any pertinent info out.