Atheros issues or maybe not - wrong driver?

I believe I have an atheros 5006EG (that’s what windows device manager used to say) but OS11.1 reports AR242X running driver ath5k_pci.

The thing is, even though the wifi works, it kinda sucks performance wise. very slow, especially, slow lookups.

btw, I use the 64x version of OS11.1

should I be using the madwifi driver or is there some other driver that is better suited? I read in some tutuorial to disable the IPv6 for better performance but that didn’t really seem to do anything. not to mention I don’t even know how to access “network manager”… total noob.

throw me a rope?

go to This section & have a browse through the stickies,lots of very helpful info


yeah, that all has to do with getting wifi to work, mine WAS working, I just thought there would be a better driver.


The card is called AR5006EG but the chip is an AR242X (where X is a wildcard) AFAIK.
I have an Atheros AR5007EG and my chip is called AR2425, so I think it’s similar here.