Atheros AR2424 won't work after upgrade to 11.1


after upgrading my OS to 11.1 from 11.0 wifi doesn’t work anymore. The chipset is detected:

dmesg | grep ath5

ath5k phy0: Atheros AR2424 chip found (MAC: 0xa0, PHY: 0x61)

iwlist wlan0 scan

wlan0 No scan results
I’m confused of the different postings and google result. Some say ath5 is included in the new kernel. Other say you have to compile the current madwifi snapshot and install it manually. Also some guys have problems after upgrading. Installe a fresh 11.1 seems to work. Any ideas what to do?



I installed 11.1 from the scratch and wifi doesn’t work. I have the same behaviour as described before. So I build the modules manually as described under Atheros madwifi - openSUSE. Now wifi works fine. :slight_smile: