Atheros 802.11b/g wireless LAN driver

I am thinking about installing Linux 10.3 on a Toshiba Satellite L35 S1054 laptop and want to know if the Atheros® 802.11b/g wireless-LAN card is supported with a Linux driver?


you take a look at the sdb ?

opensuse sdb

also you will have to know what kind of atheros chipset it is, many are supported if not I guess you could try ndiswrapper.

I think the HCL was what was meant.
HCL/Network Adapters (Wireless - openSUSE

[If you go to 11.0, you’ll probably have to tweak, as they (mistakenly?) installed the newest ‘ath5k’ rather than the older ‘ath/hal’ driver as the default for Atheros support. I solved it with ndiswrapper.]

Thanks for the info!


Same problem here card is seen but no connection.
Typical initial *.0 release from OpenSuSE/SuSE I have to say they finally have yast working again thanks guys great work.

I built driver from source now it is working.

Here is the driver at MADWIFI

Hope This helps. Had problems with windows dirvers, and found you same question. :wink: Hope this works for you!!!

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Using MadWiFi lastest trunk drivers I’ve been able to get a ar5212 chipset working. An Airlink AWLH4130 Super G Wireless PCI Adapter. No ndiswrapper needed.

I did it by following the instructions given here in this forum.
Search forums for “your chipset”.


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I’m running suse on my m100 laptop, but having atheros AR5006EG must have special driver.
Use Madwifi, all going smooth …