Ath928x PCI-Express in Opensuse 11.1


I have opensuse 11.1 I have HP G60 Laptop with in-built Wireless Card Ath928x. I have the ath9k driver installed by opensuse 11.1

I updated my wireless subsystem of kernel with compat-wireless.

Sometimes, Knetworkmanager connects to the wireless LAN and sometimes it doesn’t connect. Sometimes, it even fails to recognize the wireless access point which is just a few metres away but recognizes other distant wireless LANs.

Even when it detects and connects to my wireless LAN, knetworkmanager only show 2 bars of signal strength even when the access point is few metres away.

Its so bloody unpredictable & unreliable. It works like a charm in Vista.

Does somebody have a fix to this problem? Did anybody else have this same problem.?

I have the same problem. Under windows I can detect Acces Point but on Suse 11.1 it is not seen even when it is just few cm away.

No idea what to do. My wpa_supplicant is correct.