AT&T Quicksilver 322 USB

Hi – I am Jeff and my email is
Please pardon my ignorance. I am not a newbie to programming and computers, but I am very much a newbie to linux. I am trying to find a version of linux that supports the use of the AT&T-supplied device, the Option 322 Quicksilver usb device. I had asked questions in various forums about how to get started in linux. Many recommendations for Ubuntu. I installed 9.10 in in my laptop (dual-booting with winXP). Unfortunately, my internet device causes total lock-up, requiring power-down/reboot.
There is a workaround, but this is not how I would like to begin my linux learning experience.

Is anybody here using this device ? Again, pardon my ignorance — the ignorance of an old fuddy-duddy in a new world.