ASUS W90 Driver Issues

Hey guys, first off i am running openSUSE 11.2 x86_64. I have gotten most things installed and running, bluetooth, wireless, ect but i have run into an issue with my video drivers and the media keys(not really a big deal, but if they would work that would be great)

If you are unfamiliar with this laptop here is a link to it when it was still on newegg - ASUS W90 Series W90Vp-X2 NoteBook Intel Core 2 Quad Q9000(2.00GHz) 18.4" Wide UXGA 6GB Memory 320GB HDD 7200rpm DVD Super Multi ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4870 X2

I have tried installing drivers from ATI, but after doing so, it will not let the OS boot all the way up into the graphical environment. The first time i tried it only let me boot up into text based, and then the second time i tried with the one click option on the openSUSE site it would boot up but just flash random colors. I am not very experienced with linux in general so any help is appreciated. I think most of my problem lies in hardware, and not software if i am not mistaken. I think the gfx cards require a special driver? maybe someone could shed some light on this for me. thanks.

EDIT: I just realized that sound is not fully functioning eithher. I am not getting sound through all of the speakers. just 2 of them i would immagine

For normal NON-ATI drivers, here is some information: openSUSE Graphic Card Practical Theory Guide for Users - openSUSE Forums I recommend you read that so as to understand any recommendations you may be given.

For installing proprietary drivers here is some information: ATI drivers - openSUSE

Note if you re-install your proprietary ATI graphic driver it is ESSENTIAL that you remove the file fglrx (where * are wildcards in my example).

Reference the sound on your system, our multimedia stickie gives lots of links to webs sites with useful information: Welcome to multimedia sub-area - openSUSE Forums

For example to get better information as to how all your speakers are configured, run the script:


Do NOT post the output of that script here. DO NOT !! If necessary to share it, post here the URL (web link) it provides , or copy the contents to a site such as New - Pastie.

If this is a surround sound system, I documented my experiences here with such a system (shortly after I purchased one): Exploring surround sound in Linux - openSUSE Forums